Are you ready for a clearer security picture?

So, you're here to find out the full breadth of your Internet-facing estate.

It’s amazing how expansive even an average IT environment can become isn’t it, and how easy it is for parts of a network to remain hidden or forgotten about.

That’s why we built our Estate Discovery tool.


How our Estate Discovery works

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Step 1: Planning

Brief us on what you want to achieve, identifying any bespoke checks you would like us to perform.

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Step 2: Passive stage

We use open-source information gathering techniques to develop a list of potential targets in your estate.

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Step 3: Scope confirm

You confirm ownership of the list of potential targets, and authorise Secarma to continue to the active stage.

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Step 4: Active stage

We’ll perform a basic security assessment of your infrastructure, including a number of checks and scans.

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Step 5: Delivery

You’ll receive a database and associated files, plus a report containing an analysis of your estate and recommendations for resolving security exceptions.

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Step 6: Consultation

We can create support modules tailored to your specific needs, as you start to think strategically about your perimeter security.


The benefits

Your IT Infrastructure is the central nervous system of your organisation, and it powers your customers’ experiences. This is why total visibility and constant monitoring is so critical.

Through Secarma’s Estate Discovery service you can:

    • Get overall visibility of your IT environment
    • Understand what needs protecting
    • Create an informed strategy to help secure your estate
    • Know where to focus your budget/resource effectively
    • Have access to our legendary consultation and aftercare

Key features

  • Written in Python, using a customisable modular design that can be tailored to your requirements
  • Equipped with flow control to ensure the active stage is not executed without manual intervention after your approval
  • Allows manual data enrichment when automated information gathering is impractical
  • Hosted inside Secarma’s secured lab environment
  • Uses your own dedicated virtual machine within the infrastructure which segregates data from other users
  • Deliverables accessed via a secure file exchange system

Why Secarma?

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Cybersecurity and ethical hacking specialists, providing best-in-class security services to organisations since 2001. ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited.

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Headquarters in Manchester, regional offices throughout the UK, and security consultants operating remotely from mainland Europe, Asia and America.

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From IoT to ICS, from Secure Coding Workshops to full-scale, scenario based red team engagements. We have specialist ethical hackers to suit your needs.

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We treat our clients as partners, and you'll have access to our consultancy team, not just through the testing process, but after your test report has been delivered.

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