We have published a number of whitepapers detailing our research, and presented at a number of community events.

Title Author(s) Date Links
Hacking with Git (BSides Scotland 2018) Paul Ritchie April 2018 Video
A bit about DDE (Glasgow Defcon #DC44141 meetup) Paul Ritchie Dec 2017 PaperVideo
IoT CheckList @CENSIS Meetup Paul Ritchie Aug 2017 PaperVideo
A review into Industroyer’s Command & Control Protocol Adam Chester June 2017 Paper
50 Million downloads and all I got was malware (BSides MCR 2016)
Andrew Pannell August 2016 SlidesVideo
Object Oriented Exploitation: New techniques in Windows mitigation bypass (BSides MCR 2016)
Sam Thomas August 2016 SlidesVideo
Android App: Keyboard or Malware
Andrew Pannell June 2016 Paper
Blind detection of path traversal-vulnerable file uploads (Owasp MCR March 2016)
Julian Horoszkiewicz March 2016 Slides
Static code analysis, from source to sink (BSides MCR 2015)
Paul Johnson
August 2015
PHP Unserialization vulnerabilities: what are we missing? (BSides MCR 2015)
Sam Thomas August 2015 SlidesVideo